Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Arizona Book Publishing Association

When you think of Arizona, I'll bet publishing isn't the first thing that comes to mind (more likely, the mental image you get is a big saguaro cactus). But it turns out that they have a thriving publishing community made up of the 120 or so members of the Arizona Book Publishing Association. Not all of these members are actual publishers; many are affiliated businesses such as printers and binders.

Their website includes a very helpful list of members complete with contact names, in case you would like to network your way into a publishing career in Arizona (and who wouldn't--it's a lovely place!). You can also take advantage of announcements of their monthly gatherings (which sound like a lot of fun!).

For the members themselves, there are lots of reasons to join. In fact, they give a list:
  1. The contacts.
  2. The referrals.
  3. The information.
  4. The professional growth.
  5. The newsletter.
  6. The monthly meetings.
  7. The access to experts.
  8. The educational opportunities.
  9. The Web site.
  10. The fun.

This site got me thinking: If Minnesota and Arizona (and surely many other states) have organizations like these, why not Indiana?

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