Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color Me Happy: A Color-Perception Test

Do you think you have a pretty good eye for color? Many people in the publishing business either come into it with a natural ability to discern hues or have to try to pick it up along the way. Want to see how well you can differentiate subtle differences in color hues? Try the X-Rite 100-hue test here.

How'd you do? I thought I did pretty well, but my score was 31 (0 is perfect, and it goes up to over 1,000, I think). The results showed that I am least able to discern hues in the cyan area, which, ironically, is my favorite.

What on earth is X-Rite, you ask? Other than being the lucky originator of the newest viral fad, it's also "the global leader in color measurement and color management, offering hardware, software and services for measuring, formulating and matching color. The company serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. X-Rite serves customers worldwide from its offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas." Sorry you asked?
Thanks to coworker Stephanie Koutek for sharing the link (and to whom I just confessed at lunch, "I have no idea what to blog about today!").


Arwen Taylor said...

My score was 11. I guess that's good. After awhile though all of the colors just started blurring together. (lol)

Lori Cates Hand said...

This just in from my sister, the talented visual artist:

"I took the color hue test last night, thinking miss artsy-fartsy would get like a 5, and I ended up with 33, and am permanently blinded to boot. :)"

Jena said...

I don't recommend doing this if you already have a headache; going cross-eyed doesn't help a hurting head. Still, I scored 35, and I'm pretty happy with that. Maybe I'll try it again when the headache's gone.