Friday, May 22, 2009

Heads Up About CareerBuilder's Resume "Critiques"

On its home page, CareerBuilder is offering a "free resume critique." Blogger Amber Shah decided to try it, knowing full well she'd get a sales pitch for CareerBuilder's resume writing services. What she got was "way, way worse": a canned response that made it obvious that they never looked at her resume at all (see her post about it here).

What they told her is OK advice. It also could be applied to 99% of the resumes out there. I think we can all agree that adding a summary at the top and avoiding typos are good things to do, no? Maybe they couldn't find anything else bad to say about her resume.

The moral? Be on the lookout for a similar canned response and don't fall for it. I still advocate going directly to the source--a professional resume writer whom you can talk to--over paying a fee for a bigger company to find one for you.

Thanks to @cheezhead for the heads up.

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