Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pearson Now Tops List of World's Biggest Publishers

My post last year on the subject of how the world's publishers stack up against one another is perhaps one of my most consistently popular posts (not because it was any stroke of genius on my part; it's just a popular subject and I have wicked-good SEO).

Last year, Pearson was #2 on the list, behind Thomson. According to this article on Bookseller.com, Pearson has taken over the top spot, with more than 7.4B in annual revenue. Here are the world's new top 10 publishers. (I've taken Bookseller's list and converted the euros to dollars.)

  1. Pearson (UK): $7.4B
  2. Reed Elsevier (UK/NL/US): $6.7B
  3. ThomsonReuters (Canada): $5.1B
  4. Wolters Kluwer (NL): $4.96B
  5. Bertelsmann (Germany): $4.38B
  6. Hachette Livre (France): $3.17B
  7. McGraw-Hill Education (U.S.): $2.6B
  8. Grupo Planeta (Spain): $2.59B
  9. De Agostini Editore (Italy): not available
  10. Scholastic (U.S.): $2.2B

You can see the whole list of the world's top 50 publishers here.

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Heather said...

Whoo, look at Wiley--#14 with a bullet!