Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got a Fever for the Olympics? I Prescribe "State of the Skate"

The winter Olympics are almost upon us in snow-challenged Vancouver. So what better time to introduce you to a blog on figure skating?

If you want to get some expert analysis of the competition from a true fanatic and meticulous historian, check out State of the Skate. This week, blogger Kelli Lawrence has been running a series to help us "every four years" fans get up to speed.

In the interest of full disclosure, Kelli is my longtime friend and former JIST coworker. As our video manager, she let me do some cameo appearances in her films (you won't want to miss my turn as the caring older sister giving career advice to an earnest teen...). We bonded over '80s music trivia and had our babies within 2 months of each other. She even took me to Stars on Ice one time.

We'll check in with Kelli again in a few months when she finishes writing her book, Skating on Air, about the history of media coverage of the sport (for which she already has a publishing contract). I'm sure she'll have lots of tips and insights from a first-time author's perspective--not to mention great stories of all the skating legends she's been interviewing.

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Kelli Lawrence said...

I'm just going to add that if you read some of ginormous posts about skating technique, judging issues, broadcast complaints, etc. that I come across online... I'd give "them" the moniker of FANATIC (but happily keep HISTORIAN for myself, LOL) I honestly don't know where they find the time...!

Thanks so much, Lori!