Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Check Out My New Office

At the end of last week we had packed up 25 years of awful office furnishings and hit the road to our new place. When I arrived Monday morning to see my office for the first time since it was carpeted and painted, it took my breath away. After 8 years in a government-issue rat-hole, this was like Tess's first day in her new big-ass job in Working Girl. Cue the Carly Simon music.

Okay, so it's really just an office. But it's big. And clean. And tastefully decorated. With lots of storage space. Sweet.
Nevermind that I can't get my e-mail or make an outgoing call. And that I have two books going to the printer this week amid the disarray. These are minor details. For now, let me savor the rejuvenating effects of change.

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Anonymous said...

Got to love an office with a window!!!