Friday, July 27, 2007

Publishing Skills

Skills, which seem to get a lot of emphasis from HR types, recently found new appreciation when Napoleon Dynamite extolled their virtues. It's true: If you can identify and articulate your skills to a potential employer (and provide examples that prove you've got those skills), you'll stand a better chance of getting the job.

I recently had to evaluate myself as part of my annual review. Part of the evaluation was listing the skills it takes to do my job. I've got a leg up on this because every darn book I edit talks about how to identify your skills. So I came up with this list. Keep in mind that many of these are skills that I have developed over my career. All I started out with was attention to detail, an aptitude for writing, a good education, and a good memory.

Market knowledge, intuition, negotiation, attention to detail as well as the big picture, intelligence, editing skills, written and spoken communication, 16 years of publishing experience, determination, consensus-building, vision, creativity, teamwork, prioritization, multitasking, optimism, enthusiasm, respect, research, networking, reputation, focus, dedication, ownership, flexibility, organization skills, computer skills, writing skills, patience, logic, design sense, time management, empathy, knowledge of publishing processes, initiative, confidence, tact, diplomacy, assertiveness, self-directedness, conceptual thinking, persuasive, customer-focused, deadline conscious, decisiveness, diligence, discipline, entrepreneurial thinking, judgment skills, independence, influencing, initiative, innovative, insight, perception, precision, productive, process-oriented, professionalism, profit-conscious, project management, resourcefulness, self-motivated, strategic thinking, strong work ethic, forecasting.

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Lori Cates Hand said...

And yes, I know my list of skills isn't grammatically parallel! I just didn't have time to edit it.