Monday, January 19, 2009

How Will You Watch the Inauguration Tomorrow?

I spent a lot of time this weekend writing resumes, as I did last weekend. My home office is drafty, so I set up shop with my laptop in the family room. We had the TV on all day Saturday watching CNN's coverage of the Obama train trip. (I'm being paid by the project, not by the hour, so if I slow down to watch TV occasionally, I'm not hurting anyone but myself.)

So, all the hoopla is very inspiring, as long as I'm careful not to overdose on Wolf Blitzer and the moderately hot Anderson Cooper (did I tell you that I saw him at the San Diego airport in September? I digress...). Then I had the sudden realization: I'm going to be at work on Tuesday! How will I watch the historic moment of the swearing-in as it happens?

I thought back to the first OJ trial in 1995. I solved the problem of watching the verdict live by going to Pizza King for lunch, where they had several TVs tuned to the trial. So maybe a bunch of us would be able to move a few doors down the street and watch the inauguration on one of the TVs at our local pub, Alibi's.

Jason is taking no such chances. He's taking a TV (plus converter box) to his office tomorrow. I consulted with the ops/party-planning crew here and it looks like someone will be setting up our conference room so that we can watch from there while we brown-bag it.

If you're not lucky enough to be working at home, what are your plans for seeing the swearing-in tomorrow?


GJ said...

From the Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, January 20: "Eli Lilly and Co., the city's largest private employer, will be providing a link to live [inauguration] coverage from CNN and Fox News on its intranet, meaning its 12,000 employees can watch on their desktop monitors."

Lori Cates Hand said...

I had assumed that most companies would not want employees gumming up the network watching streaming video, but maybe they planned ahead and figured out a way to keep the network from crashing.

At Jason's office yesterday, an IT guy stopped him and asked why on earth he was dragging in his old TV and digital converter box. He said he didn't want to cause trouble by watching online. "Why not?" the guy asked. "Everyone else is doing it!"