Thursday, October 22, 2009

Job Opportunity: Book Acquisitions Editor, Sigma Theta Tau International

Are you a nurse in Indianapolis who's always wanted to work in book publishing? Have I got a job for you! Check out this posting with Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honor society:

Sigma Theta Tau International

Reports to: Publisher

Time: 20 hours per week

The Acquisitions Editor will work closely with STTI staff, authors, and reviewers as well as the top nurse leaders, CNOs, researchers, and clinicians in the field of nursing to acquire books for the STTI publishing program and support them through publication.

Working under the guidance of the Publisher and in close cooperation with the book editors, the acquisition editor's responsibilities include timely collaboration with key STTI marketing and sales staff members and commitment to internal deadlines. The acquisitions editor will also:

  • Seek out, research, conceive, and champion approximately 13-15 books per year, consistent with the interest areas set forth by the Publisher, market conditions, and sales and guided by the Sigma Theta Tau International Board of Directors.
  • Guide authors through the proposal and publishing process.
  • Research, write, present, and otherwise prepare business plans, financial statements, tip sheets, book summaries, outlines, and other relevant information for each book, under the guidance of the Publisher and in collaboration with authors.
  • Compile ongoing research on nurses and the nursing profession to assist with long-term publications planning.
  • Serve as an author advocate, managing and guiding authors through the proposal and publishing process.
  • Manage and review content prepared by authors and editors to ensure manuscript submission on schedule and in the agreed-upon format.
  • Contribute input to the design and functionality of each book.
  • Contribute editorial input regarding the writing, organization, and content for each book.
  • Implement the long-term and short-term editorial plan for Publications in collaboration with the Publisher.
  • Identify and facilitate the creation of critical author relationships around the world.
  • Provide ongoing communication with authors on book performance, marketing opportunities, and speaking and signing opportunities at STTI conferences, etc.
  • Solicit manuscripts for publication, as well as assess the potential for new and revised editions of existing STTI titles.
  • Ensure that all necessary intellectual property permissions have been obtained prior to publication.
  • Negotiate financial and contract terms with authors on projects as directed by the Publisher.
  • Coordinate the work of a panel of reviewers and/or international editorial board by the STTI President and/or CEO.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Acquisitions Editor to:

  • Review proposals and manuscripts submitted for Publication and those solicited by STT.
  • Oversee the review and market survey process.
  • Serve as a primary contact and support for authors.
  • Evaluate user satisfaction and needs periodically.
  • Prepare marketing copy, summaries, book reviews, author letters, and other collateral material for books as needed by publishing, marketing, and sales.
  • Send author questionnaires and other marketing related documents to authors and coordinate their return.
  • Submit an editorial report to STTI at the end of each quarter outlining primary activities (including, but not limited to the number, nature, and status of all proposals), and accomplishments of the Acquisition Editor for the quarter ending and plans for Publication for upcoming quarter.
  • Submit an annual report summarizing the accomplishments of the year and outlining plans for the upcoming year and other reports as requested by STTI.
  • Submit the biennial report for inclusion in the House of Delegates biennial report.

    Some travel required to key STTI or other nursing meetings, nursing schools, or other centralized locations to meet with several current or prospective authors;

Compensation based on experience and degree.

Nursing and publishing experience are recommended. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required.

To apply, send resume or CV and cover letter to Laura Thurman, STTI HR at For questions or more information, contact Renee Wilmeth, STTI Publisher, at

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