Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Pneu Year!

It never fails. I finally get a few days off, and the whole family has spent the entire time with walking pneumonia. I guess it just wouldn't be Christmas without another game of antibiotics roulette. Looks like we all got lucky and found one that is working without making our throats swell shut. I just feel bad that my little girl had to spend her 4th birthday at the minor emergency center.

We need to pull ourselves together quickly now. I leave Wednesday morning for the Paradigm sales conference in Las Vegas. Jason leaves Thursday for the Prentice Hall sales conference in San Francisco. As I mentioned back in August, textbook publishers have these twice-yearly sales conferences to get their sales representatives geared up to sell the newest titles. The winter meetings are usually someplace warm and slightly exotic (Marco Island and Bermuda are among Prentice Hall's recent venues).

My boss Sue and I will be presenting to the Paradigm reps about two of our best-selling workbooks. Our presentation is scheduled for the last hour of the last day of the conference, so hopefully the reps will be able to focus long enough to get excited about selling our books.

I'll be back in the office January 7. Have a safe and happy new year, and don't let any preschoolers cough in your face. I hear there's something nasty going around.

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