Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wastin' Away Again in Kindleville?

Joe Wikert's got a brand new blog. Don't panic--he's not giving up on his wildly successful Publishing 2020 blog. He's just become so interested in Amazon's new e-book reader, the Kindle, that he wanted to give his exploration of it its own space. Thus, he's inviting us all to join him in Kindleville--not to be confused with the tranquil town of Kendallville, Indiana, home of 10,000 happy Hoosiers and famous for...uh...according to Wikipedia, its annual meth lab explosion?

Anyway, the Kindle represents another step (time will tell how big) toward the end of the printed book as we know it. It, or its descendants, has the potential to completely change the business of book publishing. And if anyone can discern the truth amid all the hype from Amazon, and the negativity from the Luddites, it's Joe. So let's all gather up the kids and hit the road to Kindleville!

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Joe Wikert said...

Hi Lori. Thanks for the Kindleville plug! Funny you should mention Kendallville, IN, btw. You wouldn't believe how many people have mis-spelled that town's name over the years. I know because my new Google feed that searches for "Kindleville" has plenty of bad references to the Indiana town...