Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some Days Are Better Than Others

What a morning! Because of the ill-timed snowstorm in Indy, it took me two and a half hours to get to work today. No sooner did I get here and read one e-mail, the phone rang. It was a potential author I really wanted to talk to. In the middle of the conversation, the entire office went dark. Thankfully, we didn't lose our connection and I was able to communicate what I needed to him.

So we all filtered out of our offices and cubes to find out what was going on. Some people launched a flashlight expedition to the restroom. Others fretted that we could freeze to death if power wasn't restored soon. I opened all the blinds in my office and several of us converged on a printout of a near-final cover design, really working it over because we couldn't do anything else. Then I graded an applicant's editing test (we make people take it on hard copy because if we gave it to them online, they could use spell-check).

An hour and a half later, the lights came back on--just in time for lunch! Jim, the world's nicest CFO, is here from Minnesota and had already planned to bring in an Olive Garden buffet to celebrate year-end. So that was festive and fun.

So I guess it's been a pretty good day, despite not getting anything done. Yesterday wasn't bad, either: We got unexpected year-end bonuses; and I got in and out of the BMV to renew my license in less than 30 minutes. I must be living right!

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