Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Haunted Library

Since 1930 the legend has circulated about the mysterious "Grey Lady" who supposedly has been haunting the historic Willard Library in my hometown of Evansville. The private library has made the most of the rumors by installing live webcams for ghost viewing. The various sightings have also landed the library on national TV on programs such as "Ghost Hunters."
So who is this mysterious lady who moves books around, touches people's hair, and leaves a whiff of perfume as she passes? She is rumored to be Louise Carpenter, the daughter of library founder Willard Carpenter, who was angry that most of his estate was left to the library rather than to her. And if you don't believe she exists, how do you explain the fact that she has her own MySpace page?
I visited the library a few times in my school days and never saw a thing, although I've seen some pretty convincing photos. The library isn't the scariest place I've ever been in that town, though. They used to stage a haunted house on the grounds of the 19th-century insane asylum that pretty much put me over the edge.

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