Friday, October 31, 2008

Nursing Honor Society Seeks Publisher

Sigma Theta Tau International, the Nursing Honor Society, seeks a publisher for its journals, newsletters, and books in Indianapolis. Here are the details:

Job title: Publisher
Pay grade: 5
Dept: Publications

Oversees an expanding program of periodical (journals and newsletters) and nonperiodical (primarily books) publications, both in print and electronic format. Serves as the developer and manager of the Society’s intellectual property. Responsible for the identification, evaluation, development, and production of publications which meet the strategic goals and business objectives of Sigma Theta Tau International. Since publishing is a collaborative art, requiring major contributions from volunteers, staff from many different departments, and third-party partners / vendors, the Publisher must be the catalyst for bringing these individuals together to achieve the common goal of creating successful publications.

Major Responsibilities:
1. Develop, implement and evaluate
a. Publishing goals, business objectives and strategic publishing plan (short and long term)
b. Publishing policies, procedures and processes
c. Annual sales and financial goals for the publishing program overall with attention to the sales and revenue goals for the individual publications in a given year
2. Oversee and establish priorities for Society’s publications reflecting the Society’s mission and the slate of initiatives of each Biennium.
3. Prepare Annual and Biennial Publications budget and be accountable for achieving the financial goals expressed in these financial management and strategic documents.
4. Supervise and support the editorial staff charged with acquiring, developing and producing the publications forecast for each annual and biennial budget.
5. Serve as chief liaison to the Society (and vendors) for key volunteer leaders responsible for major publications, informing or reminding key volunteers of the Society’s mission, philosophy, policies, and publishing goals as appropriate.
6. Manage the overall relationship with key publishing partners, such as Wiley-Blackwell, informing key partners of the Society’s mission, philosophy, policies, and publishing goals as appropriate.
7. Chair interdepartmental meetings for the purpose of
a. new product evaluation
b. assessing and managing production issues (new product launch, pricing / print run / reprint decisions)
8. Coordinate with acquisitions editor, development editor, authors, reviewers and vendors to acquire and publish the targeted number of book projects per year.
9. With Finance, establish and review on a biennial basis a financial model to measure the success of existing periodical publications and a financial model that all nonperiodical projects presented for approval must adhere to.
10. Publish at least every other week a Publication Schedule for all nonperiodicals which are in production and circulate the updated report to all interested parties within STTI and NKI.
11. Set policies and processes emphasizing quality and efficiency for the journals and newsletters through consultation with the volunteer editors, key staff, and appropriate vendors.
12. Communicate with volunteer editors, STTI staff, and Wiley-Blackwell staff to expedite production of journals as needed.
13. Develop a plan and implementation process for leveraging the Society’s intellectual property through licensing arrangements.
14. Establish and enforce Society policy regarding the sales and placement of space advertising in STTI’s publications, both ads purchased by customers and ads promoting STTI products and services. Ensure efficient internal communication of the policies and processes for placement of in-house ads.
15. Serve as publishing consultant to membership and staff committees, work groups, and task forces as need.
16. Complete other duties as assigned.

Significant people and project management experience required.
Demonstrated ability to lead interdepartmental task force in the pursuit of a common goal required.
Experience in strategic and business planning required.
Excellent interpersonal communication (oral and written) and presentation skills required.
Detail oriented with the ability to manage multiple, complex projects / programs simultaneously required.

Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree desired

Computer Skills:
Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (including, but not limited to, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint) required.

Five to ten years experience in editorial management required, preferably of both periodical and nonperiodical publications.
Project management and people supervision experience required.
Experience in both print and electronic publishing required.
Experience in non-profit professional organization desired.
Experience in health sciences publishing desired.

If you are interested, you can send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Laura Thurman in HR. Development editor Carla Hall has also offered to answer any questions about the job that aren't covered here.

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