Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wisdom of Michael Hyatt

I keep being impressed almost daily with the wisdom and innovation of Thomas Nelson Publishers CEO Michael Hyatt. Yesterday he blogged about how his company, in a matter of hours, approved a dress-code change that now allows all Nelson employees to wear jeans to work whenever they want to (read the post here). The reasoning was that it was an easy way to help employees save money on dry cleaning, feel more comfortable at work, and realize that their company cares about them. (Here at JIST, we wear jeans on Fridays, and it certainly is nice not to have to worry about ironing anything one day of the week.)

Mr. Hyatt's other recent hits have been today's announcement of a blogger-review program that will surely generate a lot of buzz for their books; and this article about his philosophy during tough times. Back in April he was very frank and faced his company's layoffs head-on. How often do you see a CEO stepping up to share his private thoughts on bad news? Hyatt's From Where I Sit blog is don't-miss reading.

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