Monday, March 23, 2009

JIST Featured in Publishers Weekly This Week

A week or so ago, Publishers Weekly contacted us about doing a feature story on our company. The result is this very good article, published today.

Everyone's looking for a bright spot in publishing these days, and they thought we might be it. And yes, our trade sales have been doing very well since the beginning of the year because people need our books more than ever. But the article only nods to the elephant in the room: Trade is really only a relatively minor part of our business. Our school and workforce development customers are suffering badly and passing that along to us. Nobody here feels as if we're in the catbird seat, at least not yet.

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Laurence Shatkin said...

Note that Obama's stimulus package includes money for schools. It also contains a provision for $3.9 billion for adult education and job training to be made available to higher education through the provisions of the Workforce Investment Act and competitive grants. Let's hope some of that funding stimulates JIST!