Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blogging for Career Advancement

Yesterday the Monster blog had a post about blogging for career advancement. I agree: If you've got a passion for something, you've got a "voice," and you've got the discipline to post regularly, starting a blog can do wonders for your career.

For one thing, it makes for some wonderful networking opportunities. (Are you tired of hearing me harp about networking yet? Get used to it--it's here to stay.) But an even more tangible side effect is that when a potential employer googles you (and studies say more and more of them do it all the time), if you post to your blog regularly, your posts are likely to come up in the first page of results. And as personal branding expert Kirsten Dixson says, it's better to be able to control what people see about you online than to let them dig up any "digital dirt" on you.

So try it out: Google yourself. Do you see anything horrifying--or worse, nothing at all? Better get busy with a focused and well-written blog!

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