Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Book Signing Among Friends

This morning our soon-to-be-ex-coworker Dave Anderson brought in a carton of his new novel, Standard Hero Behavior, hot off the press. He also brought breakfast for everyone and signed copies for us. Of course we all bought one (or more). Not only do we like to be part of a "happening," we also like helping Dave because he's been such fun to have around. I guess we're hoping that when he's gone, reading his book will be the next best thing! He even donated $3 from each book's sale to the Make a Wish Foundation.

And speaking of helping, everyone here has been doing a little something to nudge the book's sales along. One person convinced a local independent bookstore to order several copies, while others went back and bought them. Another person is working on convincing Borders to carry it on their "local authors" shelf (since they inexplicably decided not to stock it chainwide). I'm planning to nominate it for a Cybil bloggers' award for young adult fiction. And when Dave appears at the Carmel Barnes & Noble in December, we'll all turn out and make him look important.

And here's one more pitch: If you are looking for a gift for the young adult in your life, consider Standard Hero Behavior. It's like Lord of the Rings with a smart-aleck twist. I can even score you an autographed copy.

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Jim Minatel said...

You probably know this but in case not, the spouse of a former co-worker of ours is the buyer for "local" authors for Borders for Indy, at least for the Keystone at the Crossing store. If you don't remember who this is, drop me a line and I'll give you the name.