Monday, January 21, 2008

Publishing Careers Maven Actually Hires Someone

That's right--after almost a year of going on and on about careers in publishing, I have finally put my money where my mouth is and hired someone.

This is kind of a big step for me personally because it's been many years since I hired and supervised anyone (namely, the fabulous Heather Wilcox at Wiley--you go, girl!). I've been focusing on my own little product line and haven't had the means or motivation to hire someone. But all that changed when I took over a second product line. Suddenly I am inundated and need help--fast!

I'm very excited about my new hire. I'll tell you more about him once he's given his notice at his current job and I have had a chance to talk with the people we interviewed but didn't select. But today he said yes! This is a good move for him and a godsend to me.

Meanwhile, it's been kind of a conflicted experience for me. I'm here trying to help people's publishing dreams come true, while on the other hand I'm out there dashing about 31 other people's hopes. There were so many amazing people who applied. The majority of them had some writing or editing experience (transferable skills) but no actual book publishing experience. Any one of them probably could have learned the job. But right now I need someone who can hit the ground running and immediately take over some of my projects.

So I guess it sounds like the chicken and the egg syndrome: You can't get a publishing job without publishing experience; yet you can't get experience without a publishing job. Had this job been more entry-level, I would have considered people without direct publishing experience but some other relevant experiences--say, in newspapers or college publications.

Don't lose heart. I will continue searching out ways for readers to get the kind of experience that gets them hired. And I will continue to post about other job opportunities I hear about that might be right for you.

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