Monday, May 19, 2008

Apropos of (Almost) Nothing: Celebrity Sighting

Today our whole editorial and production group (nine of us) went out for a special lunch, as a kind of thank-you for all the good work we've done as of late. We've been really busy but are still putting out good stuff.

Just as we were polishing off our massive desserts at Maggiano's, a collective gasp went up. "It's Jason Priestley!" someone whispered. And so it was. The former 90210 hunk is heavily involved with the racing scene, so he spends a lot of time in Indianapolis in May.

On his blog he calls himself an epicurian, so I guess it's sad that he was hanging out at a chain. He brought along his wife and baby girl, who is just as adorable as you might imagine.

We tried not to be Midwestern rubberneckers. We snuck a few peeks at them and then filed out, purposely looking disinterested.

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