Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jobs and Moms: Career Treasure Hunt

Nancy Collamer founded the Jobs and Moms site quite a few years ago and it keeps getting better and better. Her site, her blog, and her e-books are all geared toward helping women blend career and family better--something so many of us could really use help with.

Today her monthly newsletter featured a novel way to discover your career passion while clearing the clutter out of your house. I've heard lots of career-coaching tricks, but this is new one on me! Here's Nancy:

Have you ever noticed how cathartic spring cleaning can be? You uncover hidden treasures, bring order to chaos and finally rid yourself of the extras that are weighing you down. Clearing out the clutter gives you that calm, free-to-exhale feeling that provides the space for both new things... and new possibilities.

This year, why not incorporate a career treasure hunt into your spring cleaning routine? The things you hold on to can provide clues to your interests and passions. As you move through your home, room by room, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do all those saved, but still unread, magazines and articles I have accumulated indicate about my interests and passions?
  • Are there unfinished projects (i.e., knitting, jewelry making, etc.) that I'd like to have more time to pursue? Do these projects represent "just a hobby" or could they be the foundation of a new home-based business?
  • Am I holding on to work clothes that represent a dream unfulfilled?
  • Do I have a stash of wonderfully creative scarves, jewelry or clothing that never sees the light of day? What does that say about the match between who I am and what I do?
  • Why am I so overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" I've accumulated? How can I streamline and simplify my life moving forward?


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