Monday, July 21, 2008

FEEDJIT: Coolest Blog Widget Ever!

On Friday while the layoffs were happening, I stumbled upon a blog that had an awesome widget that I wanted to try. FEEDJIT shows a little map of where your blog traffic is coming from. Being kind of global-minded, I think it's neater than beans.

Some of my assumptions about this blog's readership have been validated. I assumed the majority of visitors would be from North America, and probably most from Indiana. But I am wowed at the readership on the east coast. I hope that even though I'm not all that plugged into the New York scene, I'm still giving you valuable career information.

Also a shocker: Lots of hits coming from India. I'm not surprised that some people from Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand have dropped by (message to the Kiwis: Neil Finn rules!). But Croatia, Spain, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico? I'm speechless.

I'm going to use this intelligence to better deliver relevant information based on where people are. Please don't hesitate to drop me a comment if you have an idea for a geographic-area-specific post.

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Krisan Matthews said...

Very cool! I'm adding this to the Publishing Curve today. Thanks for mentioning it!