Friday, July 11, 2008

One Day, One Job Profiles Penguin

I've blogged before about One Day, One Job, which profiles a different company each day with tips about how to get an entry-level position there. Yesterday the blog featured the Penguin Group, a giant among trade publishers.

In addition to the helpful information the post imparts, I can tell you that Penguin is part of Pearson. And contrary to what the post implies, not all of Penguin--not even all of its U.S. division--is in New York. Alpha Books, publishers of the Complete Idiot's Guide series, is headquartered right here in Indianapolis.

And I'm certain that our U.K. readers don't need to be reminded of Penguin's headquarters on The Strand in London--with a breathtaking view of the Thames and within an easy walk of Covent Garden. I sound like I've been there, don't I? Well, I have--if you count standing outside of it. Back in April, while my husband was conducting his group's annual foreign rights summit meeting there, I happened to walk by while I was having a leisurely tourist day. They wouldn't let me in, though, so I just went shopping.

Have a great weekend!

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