Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amazon Stands Up to "Wrap Rage"

Few things have made me happier recently than Amazon's announcement that it is starting a multi-year initiative to work with its suppliers to provide products in packaging that's easier to open. As the mom of a preschooler, I feel that freeing the world from impenetrable packaging is a worthy goal for so many reasons.
First off, have you tried to open a Fisher-Price playset of any sort recently? All those crazy twist ties and fasteners are even more of a challenge to work through when you have a little person standing over you chanting "Open it now, mommy!" And seriously, all that wasted material can't be doing the environment any favors.
But now my anguished cries of "why?" will begin to be silenced. (Why indeed, I ask? I worked in a toy store 23 years ago and we got along just fine without the twist ties.) Amazon is offering an opening slate of 19 products with frustration-free packaging. I am so going to buy that Polly Pocket Ultimate Party Boat from them. I was going to have to buy it anyway, but the new initiative makes me happy (or less unhappy) to fork over my money to them.

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