Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Did I Walk into "the Butler Plague"?

I'm back on my feet today after two days of a moderate stomach virus--not the worst I've ever had, but still no fun at all. It's all over the local media that the students at Butler University are being picked off by a similar-sounding condition (read story here). It just so happens that I was on campus Friday night for their fabulous production of The Nutcracker. Could that have been the fatal mistake that took me out of commission for 48 hours? No matter. It was almost totally worth it to see how much my five-year-old girl enjoyed the performance.

Meanwhile, a day and a half on the couch has its merits. I got to see some good old reruns of Will & Grace, Frasier, and Happy Days (the one where Fonzie dressed up and sang like Elvis, with Laverne and Shirley as backup singers). I also finally got to watch the DVD of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics, which I bought for $6 at Lo-Bill. By most accounts it's a "B" movie, but to me it was worth every penny--especially the opening sequence, which is a parody of '80s music videos that is so spot-on that it hurts.

Another great thing is that I just had my first real meal in days, and it was the most spectacular cheeseburger I ever had. Nothing like a short illness to make you appreciate your health--and your appetite!

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