Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exciting Times for a Local Editor (Times Four!)

The wonderful thing about blogs is that they can sometimes give you a storyline that rivals anything you'd see on TV. Take, for example, the blog of a local editor named Suzy. For many months now I've followed her story on the Four by Two blog, in which she has been chronicling her pregnancy--with quadruplets!

In the beginning, I watched with trepidation. I felt the odds were against her delivering all those babies safely. But as the months have passed, she's come through it with flying colors, despite having to be hospitalized for the last month. And now she's about to reach the 30-week mark and the four babies are all over 3 pounds each. So I finally feel like I can unclench and be happy--nevermind that she hardly knows me. The blog has made me feel like part of the adventure.

Even if you're not excited to join the baby watch now, you'll still want to surf over there and see her before-and-after belly pictures: truly awe-inspiring.

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Jena said...

Wow, quads... A woman in my sister's area just had quads (two sets of identical twins). I guess the biggest miracle was that it was the result of an in vitro procedure: both fertilized eggs stayed put--and then split. (My sister, who only has one, is very happy for her--and very worn out just thinking about having four babies to contend with.)