Monday, February 23, 2009

Social Media Update: Taking the Twitter Plunge

Less than two weeks after being assimilated into the hive-mind that is Facebook, I took another big step and signed up for Twitter. My resistance was futile. I was afraid I was missing something.
When I signed up, I let it search my e-mail address book for my Twittering friends. I chose to follow more than 40 of them to start. A few of them reciprocated. My idea is to just read and learn from others for a while. I've tweeted a few things, but am not sure where I want to go with it. So don't expect too many pearls of wisdom just yet.
I'm having a lot more fun with Facebook. After the first rush of connecting with everyone in my address book, things have slowed down a little. But still, every day I run across (or am run across by) someone dear from my past whom I didn't expect to hear from again in my lifetime. I love getting back up to speed with everyone through their status reports and posted photos. Believe it or not, I'm even feeling closer to my sister and my husband now that I see what they're posting! What a darn hilarious bunch those Facebookers are!
A professional contact did me a favor and advised me to classify my friends into folders, so that I'm not sending inanity to the career professionals who've connected with me. So I guess that's how you manage to keep your business and your fun separated. Still, I won't be posting anything too incriminating, anyway.

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