Friday, February 6, 2009

Trifecta Friday: Instabook, Day in the Life, and Sick of Recession

Rather than hoard all of this good info and dole it out over the next few days, I'm going to lay it all on ya right here and now. Three very interesting items have come to my attention:

  • A New Paradigm for Publishing?: First, JIST author and editor Laurence Shatkin blogs today at FastCompany about his new book on getting a job from the new economic initiatives (Great Jobs in the President's Stimulus Plan). He touches on how quickly the book was conceived and produced (a new record at JIST, and impressive by any standards): from idea to printed book in 24 days.
  • BOOKSMARTS: A Day in the Life of a Book Editor: At Girl w/Pen, Laura Mazer serves up a hilarious (but all too true) account of what it's like to be a mom working as an editor. The diversity of her responsibilities might sound far-fetched, but it's pretty close to (my) home.
  • F*** Fear: Juliana Aldous Atkinson, an editor for Microsoft Press, says what we've all been thinking. After years of prosperity, a few months of financial contrition is about all we can take. We're all tired of the way the media is blowing the recession out of proportion. We're tired of self-denial, mixed messages, and the stress of constantly feeling our jobs are on the line. She asks for suggestions on dealing with it all, but I haven't come up with any good ones yet. I just know that the media will soon have to obsess about something else, because we are tired of wallowing in this.

Having said that, have an awesome weekend! If my child does not come down with strep today (as I fear), I'm going to go help feed the quadruplets on Sunday!

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Laurence Shatkin said...

The "F*** Fear" posting reminded me of some responses I got a dozen years ago when I wrote an online comment (in a protoblog) about how the trend of employment had become that you're on your own and employers are not going to make any effort to keep you employed or employable. Some people responded that they really didn't like this trend. I wrote back that your approval or disapproval is not going to change anything--this is the new reality.

Sad to say, fear is an appropriate response to the current situation. And while I resented Bush's use of fear as a way of ramming through the Iraq War bill and gaining approval or at least tolerance of some of his policies that were of questionable legality, I can't fault Obama for using fear to push his recovery package.

I would like to take the FDR attitude that we need to fear fear itself, but it can be a healthy emotion if we channel it into taking necessary actions, both as a nation and as individuals.

By the way, thanks for plugging my blog.