Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am Not Going to London--or New York, Either

Jason left for the London Book Fair this morning. Twice in the last three years, I went along with him, even though our part of the company does virtually no foreign-rights business. (I've always been hopeful we could change that, but we haven't.) I mainly went as a tourist and made a one-day appearance at the fair.

But this year I am not going. Last year I started to get the feeling that I have been going to London too often (not that one could ever tire of London--just ask Samuel Johnson). I just think it would be more special if I spaced out my visits more.

Meanwhile, my in-laws are going with him--their first trip overseas and a dream come true for them both. I can't wait to hear how they like it.

I have also decided not to go to Book Expo this year. Last year we took a big contingent and sank a lot of money into it. And I don't think we got a thing in return. So I decided to save us some money and volunteered to stay home. A lot of other publishers are also scaling back, and some are not going at all. There is talk that this show is dying out. I don't know what it will take to save it, but I do hope someone figures it out. Book Expo is an amazing experience for those who have never been: what could be more wonderful than an entire exposition hall devoted to books and the people who make them?

Meanwhile, I am instead gearing up for the Career Management Alliance conference at the end of this month in San Antonio. Seven of my authors will be presenters, and many more friends and potential authors will be there.

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