Monday, August 11, 2008

Publishing Jargon Translated

I stumbled upon this cool article this morning in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Writing teacher Rachel Toor provides a primer on publishing terms, prompted by her students saying she was using too much jargon in class.

As I read it, I thought that maybe I, too, am guilty of using too much jargon in this blog. So when I do, feel free to call me out on it in the comments. Recently I had two different potential authors ask what "TOC" means as I casually threw it out there in conversation. That's short for "table of contents," which is an essential part of any book proposal.

I'll admit that I learned something from the article myself. For example, I had never heard the term "AA" used for "author's alterations," and I didn't know you could charge an author for them (that probably depends on what the contract says). We don't generally charge people for AAs, but we highly discourage them. And I just recently learned what a "headband" is when we worked on specs for our first hardcover trade book.

Class participation: What other publishing terms has the writer left off the list?

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