Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Don't-Miss Media Events Today

It's not too late to sign up for today's free Book Business webinar, Leveraging the Kindle: How to Maximize the Kindle's Benefits to Your Readers and Your Business. Not only will it be a great introduction for publishers who haven't yet dipped a toe in the waters of providing their content through this new reader device; it's also a chance to bask in the uncommon common sense and intelligence of Wiley VP and Publishing 2020 blogger Joe Wikert. See you there at 2pm ET.

And then for something completely different. At 6pm ET (3pm PT), PITA Principle authors Bob Orndorff and Dulin Clark are guests on Cynthia Brian's Starstyle radio show. It's syndicated all over the Web, but you can listen to it on WorldTalk radio here. Learn how not to be a pain in the ass at work!

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