Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Return of an Old Friend: The Library

Blogger Holly Hoffman on the Brazen Careerist blogging network recently extolled the virtues of visiting the public library. If everyone these days is too broke to buy books, borrowing them from the library is an acceptable alternative in my mind (granted, we don't make as much money, but at least people are still reading).

Like Holly, for a long time I forgot about the library. If I wanted a book, I just bought it. I put them on my Christmas lists because, aside from cash and peppermint bark, that's all I want. But if you don't mind waiting until the "hot" new books cool off and drop off the wait lists, you can have just as much fun with a borrowed book than a new one from the store. Some commenters on Holly's post say used books are even more fun because they've "been places."

I did notice on a recent visit to the local library that their job search books are about 12 years out of date. So if you're looking for current how-to information, you might still have to spring for a new book.

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Rachel said...

Re: the job search books -- you can also at many libraries request that they purchase a particular title for their collection. Or, maybe they were all checked out, given this economy! :)