Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Job Market Overview for New Grads

I would have posted about this article even if it hadn't quoted one of my authors. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published the obligatory "people are graduating--will they find jobs?" article that we see variants of each year. Despite all the bad economic news, there are some bright spots to the article:
  • Starting salaries are rising.
  • Employers expect to hire 1% more new grads this year than they did last year.
  • Colleges are reporting continued interest in hiring their grads.

Of particular interest is the mention of graduating English major Andrea Zin, who plans to spend six weeks in NYC looking for a publishing or photography job, but isn't sure what happens when that time is up. "New York is just too expensive not to have a job," she says.

Kudos to my author Shawn Graham, who is mentioned as an expert in the article. He wrote the fun little book Courting Your Career, which I highly recommend.

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