Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quickie: Two New Blogs

I meant to blog today about either my visit to Jane Austen's house or about the death of my college mentor, two big events from last week. But I left my supporting visuals at home. So real quick, here are two new blogs I wanted to mention to you. We'll talk about the other items later this week.

First, I was happy to see that freelance permissions editor Julie Cancio Harper, whom I profiled a while back, has started her own blog. A lot of it is about food (nothing wrong with that). But it also gives you an idea of what her life is like working at home. So be sure to check out Learning to Eat. She's an exquisite writer.

Also, today I discovered that my friend Stevie Puckett, a career counselor in Georgia, has started her own blog. Visit StevieSue.com and find out how to be a Careerillionaire. And thanks, Stevie, for the plug for this blog! Look what she said about it:

I love the way she has built the blog around the central theme of an informational interview for those interested in the industry. This instantly sets her up as an expert. It also leads to numerous ideas for topics to write about as she discusses her own career journey and daily activities. She also interviews others in the industry which greatly furthers her professional networking activities and exposure. Brilliant!

I'm blushing. But she's right: I never anticipated what amazing networking opportunities this blog would create. If you're on the fence about starting one of your own, keep that aspect in mind. It's priceless.


Julie Cancio Harper said...

Lori, THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your mentioning Learning To Eat. And this is the first time I've been called an exquisite anything, which is a fantastic energy jolt!

Wow -- I thought today was an ordinary Tuesday as I stopped by the blogs I frequent and then, BLAMMO!, here's my name in print.

The work-at-home life has been majorly disrupted with huge plumbing repairs to my apartment complex since last week. And it's not the lack of water that's the worst. It's the jackhammering through concrete and sawing through walls.

I'm persevering, though, and your comments help add to the positives. Also, last Friday I signed two new clients who found me as a result of my blog Learning to Eat and my business site http://www.permtrackers.com. The blog and business website (plus my profile at LinkedIn) have increased my online presence considerably in the last few months, and it's quickly turning into project dollars.

I mostly started blogging as a way to reach out to the world because I found that eight years of working from my home office had left me too isolated. I did not expect the blog to yield business benefits at all, let alone so quickly.

It's all an adventure and we're exploring it together as one big Internet community. It was really the permissions profile that I wrote for Publishing Careers that got my blog and business site rolling. Thank you for all the inspiration!

~Stevie said...

You're welcome, and thanks to you too! Julie is right, very cool to see a mention in your blog!