Monday, February 25, 2008

Complete CMS Survey and Register to Win a Tote Bag!

I don't know about you, but a Chicago Manual of Style totebag is one piece of swag I could definitely use. So I took a few minutes this morning and answered their call for people to fill out a survey about how I use the CMS.

Mainly, they focused on a few select sections of the style manual (which is pretty much the standard style guide that book publishers follow). First they asked whether I had ever used the section. If I said no (which I did for the section on grammar--that stuff is usually factory-standard for editors), the survey skipped to the next section of interest. If I said yes, it wanted more specifics about which part of the section I used. Then it wanted to know my job title and contact info. I gave it all to them because I want that tote bag!


Krisan Matthews said...

That really is a stylish tote bag! I got the e-mail about the survey today, too. Haven't completed it yet...but now that I hear about the tote bag, I'm doing it right now! :)

Laurence Shatkin said...

The only time I ever used the Chicago style was during my master's program at University of Chicago. Personally, I prefer MLA style. Worst of all is APA style which, unfortunately, is perhaps the most widely used standard and which assumes that authors have no first names (only initials) and that researchers don't need to know exactly what page an author was using as a source--the whole book or article is good enough for a citation.