Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Introducing Our New Editor: Aaron Black

Our new editor started today. He's Aaron Black, and here is the introductory e-mail I sent out about him yesterday:

Join me in welcoming JIST’s newest editor, Aaron Black, who starts tomorrow. Aaron comes to us from Pearson/Penguin, where he has been proofreading Complete Idiot’s Guides. Previously, he was an indexer for the Sams and Que computer book imprints at Pearson. Aaron’s varied background also includes stints at Nicholas Ellison Literary Agency in New York and the University of Phoenix, as well as several years as a department manager at Barnes & Noble. Aaron is a graduate of Butler University, where he majored in English literature and creative writing.

Aaron’s official title is Associate Development Editor, and he will be specializing in trade and workbooks. You can find him in the cubicle next to Aleata’s. Welcome, Aaron!

We've spent the morning so far going around meeting people and getting his computer set up. I had to fill out an I-9 form for him proving that he's not an illegal alien. In the process I discovered that he and I share a birthday (albeit 12 years apart). Is that not freaky?

So now I've turned him loose on his first project. It has been sitting on the floor of my office for a month, just waiting for him. I'm so relieved to have help getting through the backlog!

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