Thursday, February 28, 2008

Technology Is a Beautiful Thing

I had a wonderful surprise when I got to my office this morning. Apparently the IT fairy was here overnight and brought me a new flat-screen monitor!

This is a quantum technology leap, because if you recall my entry from last July, you saw that I was dealing with a gigantic, paleolithic-age CRT monitor. Such is life at a small, independent publisher. Were we still family-owned, I doubt I would have been upgraded until the old dinosaur just up and croaked.

This will be a relief to my friend Gayle, who suggested that my old monitor was probably the cause of my eyestrain, which resulted in first-time eyeglasses. She went further to suggest that perhaps my old monitor should have met with an "unfortunate accident" during our move to the new building last summer (kinda like those people in the car commericals who casually push a rock over a cliff and crush their old jalopy).

But patience has paid off and I have vaulted into the 21st century. Thanks, IT fairy!

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Joe Wikert said...

Hey Lori, if you're using this flatscreen monitor with a laptop you need to configure your system for dual-monitor. That's how I set mine up a few years ago and it totally changed how I work. In my case, I usually have my e-mail client open on one screen and whatever else I'm working with on the other. It's also nice when you want to do a bunch of document comparisons or cut-and-paste jobs but don't want to spend a lot of time minimizing and maximizing screens. Dual-screen is the best!