Thursday, February 14, 2008

The London Book Fair Is Coming Up

The annual London Book Fair, described as "the global publishing community's leading spring forum for booksellers, publishers, librarians and book production services worldwide," will happen on April 14-16. That might sound like a long time from now, but it really isn't, especially for the participants. Jason has been busily booking appointments with customers (foreign publishers) since December.

I visited the fair two years ago during its semi-disastrous move to the ExCel Centre in the far-east Docklands area. It took a long time to get out there via subway and light rail. And then we had to wade through muddy parking lots to get back to the train afterwards. Everyone complained, so this year it's back in central London at Earl's Court.

When I say "visited" above, that's what I meant. I just wanted to see the fair, since Jason goes every year. JIST does virtually no foreign business, so there's not much for me to do there professionally. I spent the rest of the days visiting friends in Stamford, tracking down ancestors in Cambridgeshire, and taking the Magical History Tour of Liverpool while Jason worked. Then I'd come back to London in time for fabulous dinners with his foreign clients (the best was at Levant). What a vacation--it totally rocked!

So I'm thinking of going back this year. Jason's trip includes a few days in Moscow, and I don't want to miss that. We have Russian-speaking friends who will be there to help us, so I think this is the year I should go. I know many readers urged me to go to Frankfurt, instead. But it's London, folks. And Russia. I'm really leaning toward going. Guess I'd better decide soon--I have to apply for my Russian visa!

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