Monday, February 18, 2008

Hiring Secrets from Random House HR VP

Happy Monday! I was happy to find the following info this morning from Book Business magazine online. Random House VP and Director of Human Resources Hays Steilberg shares some secrets about the company's hiring and retention philosophies. Most significantly:
  • RH searches "the relevant networks and talent pools" for "talented and motivated individuals."
  • "New hires must bring a technological affinity and skill set, regardless of their particular hiring destination."
  • RH supports autonomy among its employees and works hard to help them balance their jobs with their lives and keep their skills honed and up-to-date. (No wonder Book Business ranked them as the "Best Publisher to Work For" in its 2007 survey.

It does sound like a great place to work! Steilberg will be a panelist at Book Business' Publishing Business Conference & Expo March 10-12 in New York City, where he'll share more secrets on what makes a great workplace.

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