Friday, March 7, 2008

Brazen Careerist Blog Network Launches

After many months of work and planning, the Brazen Careerist blog network has been launched. It's the collective brainchild of the Brazen Careerist herself, Penelope Trunk, and the two Ryans from Employee Evolution. Here you'll find career perspectives from 50 of the best and brightest 20-something professionals. So far, I haven't figured out whether any of them works in publishing; nonetheless, they have interesting and relevant things to say.

Readers of Penelope and the Ryans' blogs have been privileged to have a ringside seat as this startup got going. What happens when a 30-something celebrity blogger with marital problems invites two young go-getters to leave their high-powered East Coast jobs and come to Madison, Wisconsin, to start a blog network? Hilarity ensues. I've enjoyed the she-saids and he-saids of this venture. They're angling for a reality show, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got one.

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