Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CBS Sunday Morning on Book Titles

Between my job, the housework, and the kid, I rarely get to watch TV anymore. But I always make an effort to catch CBS Sunday Morning, which is like a weekly spa treatment for the brain. Nothing beats curling up with a hot chocolate to watch Charles Osgood and crew dispense truly arty and uplifting fare with just enough humour for that time of day.

So it was a happy surprise to see Osgood's story about a recent book on the stories behind famous book titles. Why Not Catch-21? was released last Otcober, but no doubt got a sales bump from being featured in this fun look at the art and history of book titles. Granted, the piece focused more on famous fiction than the nonfiction titles I wrestle with every day. But still, it was quite enjoyable--as this show always is.

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