Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazon Lands in Whitestown

Just about everyone here in central Indiana was pleased to hear that Amazon will be opening a new distribution center in the Boone County hamlet of Whitestown. They're hiring 400 people initially and 1,200 eventually.

The news more than makes up for the loss of Borders' D.C. in Fishers, which closed last June and left 100 people jobless (many of whom are still unemployed). Maybe some of those people will be interested in working for Amazon.

As a further bonus, I'm thinking I can choose "Super Saver" shipping all the time now and get my stuff, like, the next day. What a bonus at the holidays!

I think this also opens up some good part-time opportunities (especially at Christmastime) for students. With an average wage of over $15 an hour, it beats fast food. Plus, you can say you have inside knowledge of how one of the giants of book retailing operates. I know a lot of students (and professors, too) who have worked manufacturing and warehousing jobs in the summers because the pay is so good. Yes, most of them ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome, but you can get that in an office, too.

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