Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another New Blog: The PITA Principle

Because I am so utterly sold (some would say "hooked") on the power of blogs, I've strongly encouraged the authors of our upcoming flagship buisness title, The PITA Principle, to write their own blog to accompany the book. So today I proudly announce the PITA blog.

So far, I'm the only one who's posted anything on it, but the authors will soon join me in celebrating the various types of "pains in the ass" that we all have to deal with at work, as well as sharing coping strategies. Of course, they don't let us off that easy. We can't go around labeling other people as PITAs without taking some ownership of our own PITA tendencies. So the book includes an assessment to determine your own PITA type (I am a Sealed PITA--comes with the territory of being a perfectionist) and ways to mitigate your pain-in-the-ass tendencies and therefore advance your career.

So come visit us at the PITA blog. And if you work with a pain in the ass and can come up with a clever, sandwich-related term to describe their behavior, send it to us at pitaprinciple@yahoo.com and we'll post it (and you can be anonymous!).

1 comment:

Joe Wikert said...

Hi Lori. What a great title -- I love it! I'm afraid to go to the blog because I'd probably spend hours and hours there pouring my heart out...