Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Do You Want to Know About Getting Your Book Published?

A while back, my uncle-in-law asked me to consider doing a two-hour presentation for a local lecture series he's putting together. Of course I agreed because he is so cool (and not just because he's representing us pro bono as we sue a contractor who stole a bunch of money from us).

The topic we figured would garner the most general interest is "How to Get Published." I told Uncle Ken that I could definitely cover the traditional nonfiction part of that equation. But honestly, most people who ask my advice want to know about publishing their novel--something I know very little about. And a growing option these days is self-publishing--again, something I have limited experience with. To make a long story short, I've located and met with some experts who can cover the parts of getting published that I don't know much about.

Meanwhile, I'm developing my outline for my part of the presentation. Here's where you come in: What questions do you have about how to get published? I want to be sure I'm including all the information that people are most likely to ask.

Thanks for your help! When we have dates and times set for the lecture, I'll let you know.

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GJ said...

1. If most publishers don't accept unsolicited manuscripts, how can I find someone who will consider my idea for a book?

2. If most publishers don't accept unsolicited manuscripts, how do they find new authors?

3. How can I tell if my idea for a book is a good one?

4. What are the best resources (such as websites) for someone who is trying to get published?