Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Brit Is Stealing My Shtick

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I ran across another blog about how to get a job in publishing. I didn't think there'd be enough interest to support one blog on the topic, let alone two. But the truth is that there's room enough in the blogosphere for everyone, and How to Get a Job in Publishing comes at the question from a different angle.

First of all, Robert is in England. There's a big difference, at least superficially, between the American and British job markets. Second, he's writing from the perspective of someone looking for a publishing job. He's already got an internship at HarperCollins but is working dilligently to expand his contacts and his knowledge of the industry.

So, welcome, Robert. I hope you might find something helpful here. And us Yanks can also benefit from reading about your exploits.

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publishingcareer said...

Thank you for the welcome Lori, and yes, your blog has been very informative. I'll certainly be checking back for tips.

P.S. I had to look up what "Shtick" meant as it was a word I wasn't familiar with. I'm happy though that I haven't stolen something too highly prized and caused offence.